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SPECIAL SERIES: Back to basics

Over the past several months we’ve noted that our posts that “remind” readers of the basics aspects of good marketing get the most views.   We also see in the stats these are referred to repeatedly over time.

It’s not that readers don’t appreciate the newer stuff, such as our unique marketer’s angle on current events (such as the tanking of Tiger Woods), or even our willingness to sometimes sacrifice sacred cows (like last week’s view on the PTI).   

Yet our more loyal readers say they appreciate most the “oldies but goodies”, or reminders of some of the marketing basics they learned in school, but so often forget to employ.  Or, strategies and tactics they don’t want to admit are no longer sexy (in this new era of sexting…) even though they still work.

 Well, we are listening, and are launching this short series of posts once a week over the next few weeks that will hopefully serve as a refresher.  Our goal is to remind us that there are benchmarks and guidelines that should be followed for any marketing plan, even post-Twitter ones.  (Yes, Gen Y’ers, this is for you, too!)

We are also inviting some of our regular contributors and other marketing mavens to share their insights into what still works and what no longer flies via guest posts or comments.  Importantly, we will try to keep these short & sweet.

Check back next week for our first real post on this short special series!