Judging a book by its cover

VIVA storeAs we near the Holidays, marketers look around to see what products are flying of the shelves, and why.  Since retailing is primarily a visual medium, the right packaging is critical.

But louder is not necessarily better.  Today, many of our clients are opting for more understated options, a more elegant, minimalized aesthetic.  Some are going all-green to make a statement to their core customers.  Others are making distinctive statements of their mission and purpose, and even where the profits go, right there on the label.

In short, packaging IS reality today,  and a make-or-break proposition whether you remain on the shelves or get delisted.

Importantly, due to Smartphone use in-store, it allows you to communicate personally with your customer in a way you never did before

Dilip Daswani, an industry expert, lends some words of wisdom:

“A few years ago a buyer in a retail setting would browse a few products on the shelf, make a quick decision to narrow down choices based on the packaging, pick it up, observe the packaging for what it was able to convey and then decide whether to finalize the purchase or not.

More recently, the scenario is somewhat different. The consumers you find in retail outlets today are armed with a smartphone. They’re talking to someone as they shop, looking up search queries, snapping and sharing photos of products with their friends, reading product reviews and running price comparisons.  They are digitally connected, have access to massive amounts of information at their fingertips and make their decisions based on the information they have access to.”

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